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object of the game

The object of the game is to complete as many quests as you desire until your character leaves play.

campaign quests

Campaign quests are always considered accepted by every PC. If you decide to reject a campaign quest, you gain a new quest that replaces all your others: leave play.

The campaign quests are to strengthen:

  1. our homeland (expansion, security, wealth, growth)
  2. the interests of your people, house, family, and self (growth, health, honor, power)
  3. your relationships and values (love, honor, prevalence, dominance)

How to Play

On your turn, do one of these:

  1. follow a quest you’ve already accepted
  2. accept an available quest and follow it
  3. create a new quest and follow it

You can refuse a quest anytime; just let the GM know.

If you don’t know something that your character would know, make it up, or use the oracle.

To follow a quest:

  • choose a next step
  • choose a method for doing it
  • tell the GM your plan (the more likely it is to work in-fiction, the more likely it is to work in-game)
  • if you can’t think of something, tell the GM

The GM will ask you questions. Answer them. The GM has different rules and a different objective than you do.

shopping list

You can spend 1 treasure for:

  1. 1 unit of progress on a project
  2. a worthy gift or bribe
  3. enough to start off a new household in our homeland
  4. pay the salary of a specialist
    1. alchemist
    2. sage
    3. elite bodyguard
    4. architect
    5. matchmaker
    6. master chef
    7. master smith
    8. master jeweler
    9. mining crew

creating a new character

You’ll use a character generator I make. Until then, make something up:

  1. name
  2. 1-3 physical/social descriptors
  3. relation to an existing person or house
  4. one character quest

Example: Floki Egilsson, a reedy weirdo from House Grim who wants to get the respect of his brothers.

default turn: strengthen our homeland (explore)

This is a dungeon delve. To make this work in pbp, you only roll to see what comes of your delve; it is not played out.

  • choose a known location on the map to start exploring from, or let GM choose
  • GM will tell you what you find:
  • that’s it

On subsequent turns you can interact with newly discovered things by:

  • solving puzzles
  • fighting / pulling schemes / talking with monsters
  • experimenting with weird stuff
  • spending treasure
  • researching lore and stuff to get more clues to puzzles or to satisfy idle curiosity

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